Twins Need No Cribs

- Apr 29, 2019-

It is neither hygienic nor safe for small babies and adults to sleep on a large bed, because it is not sleeping with the big people, thus preventing unintentional damage from external gravity. There is also plenty of oxygen inhalation space. It is advantageous to prematurely constitute an independent characteristic. Generally speaking, the sooner and farther away from the father's mother, the dependence on the father and mother will be relatively weaker and the independence will be greater.

The advantages of using a crib are obvious. Of course, if the condition is agreed, it can also give the baby a separate baby room. This allows the baby to have its own space, which is conducive to the growth and development of the child, but the best is 2-3 years old. Let the baby sleep alone, before the best is to sleep in the room with the father and mother, have their own crib.

If you let your baby sleep alone, you will often worry about not taking care of your baby. The foreign baby has basically been asleep since he was born. Their father and mother will use the baby monitor to keep track of the baby's intentions. The mothers in the country can also use it. The mother's baby monitor is good, and the mother can use it to relieve the pressure.

However, many mothers complain that the crib is funded by white, wrong is not in bed, and no longer baby. But these mothers did not insist on letting the baby sleep in the crib when the baby was born. Therefore, I advocate letting the baby sleep in the crib from the beginning. In order to make the baby develop a good habit, I am in the moon, late at night. Doing breastfeeding on the sofa should prevent sneak peeks. After the baby goes to sleep late at night, the baby will get used to sleeping in a small bed. If you let him sleep in a big bed, she will not do it.

Also pay attention to adjusting the baby's sleeping position. Prevent the baby from sleeping in a fixed direction and a sleeping position. In the long run, it will affect the normal development and growth of the child's facial features, especially the head and face. The three sleeping positions of "left, right, and back" should be properly adhered to.