The Crib With A Sponge Mat Is Still A Spring Mat

- Jun 27, 2019-

Sponge mat

The sponge mat is not made of polyether, which is made of polyester, which means it will be much lighter than the spring mat, but the main question is that the sponge mat is easy to break and will deform quickly, but the sponge mat is cheap. When selecting such a mat, make sure that its density is high, but it does not mean that it is thick, as long as it is used to see if the sponge uses high density data. The support of high-density sponge mats is good and can last for years.

Spring mat

The spring-loaded baby mat will be used on the spring above the sponge cushion. Of course, the mat will have a higher specific gravity and the price will be higher than the sponge mat. The number of the springs in the mat is more than 150 laps or more.

Whether the sponge mat is still a spring mat, some venting holes are needed on the side, which can discharge odor. Now, the specification of the crib is generally 51 5/8" x 27 1/4", so the time to pick the mat should match the size of the bed. The distance between the mat and the guardrail should not exceed the width of two fingers. The selection of cars and cradle mats should also pay attention to this question. If you want the mat to be waterproof, you can pick a mat of nylon fabric.

No matter what kind of mat you choose, make sure it is not easy to catch fire. Relatives and friends may give you the mats they used. Although the appearance looks very good, some used mats are not fireproof and can not be used for a long time. So the best is still to buy a new mat.