Safety Hazard Hidden In The Crib

- Jul 17, 2019-

1. Hanging toys and ropes

The safety hazard hidden in the crib. The rookie parents should pay attention to it.

In order to train children's visual and auditory abilities, mothers often hang a variety of hanging toys in the crib. However, most babies can crawl in 4-5 months. When the baby crawls, it is very dangerous to be surrounded by a suspended rope. So when we hang these toys, remember that the baby can’t catch it. In the local area, once the baby can sit up, maybe no one cares, it must take off all the hanging toys.

If the baby can sit up, do not install the bumper on the bed. If the baby's bed is tied to the bumper, be careful that the straps that are bound beyond the bumper should be cut short and cut to prevent the baby from chewing or being surrounded. . Toys, pneumatic accessories, pacifiers and bedding should also be viewed to ensure that there are no ropes that are over 18 cm long and may suffocate the baby.

Second, the mat

The safety hazard hidden in the crib. The rookie parents should pay attention to it.

The mat of the crib must be suitable for the size of the crib. Because the mat is too small to move, it may make the bed appear empty, and the excessive gap will cause the baby's arms, legs and face to bury in the soft mat, which may be trapped or even suffocated. Is it too small to see if the mat is pushed to the end of the bed to see if the remaining open space is over 4 cm, if you can put two fingers between the mat and the edge of the bed, this clarifies the mat Too small.

In addition, regularly check the support system of the baby mat, any hooks that are not in a reasonable orientation must be repaired or replaced, and the hooks and bed plates supporting the mat should be safely embedded in the grooves by the safety clips. Remember not to put the baby on any soft surface, such as a waterbed, a bag of beans, etc., because their wrinkles and gaps will keep the air around the baby's face and prevent the baby from breathing.