New Cute Sleeping Quilt For Baby

- Mar 22, 2021-

Product name: Baby shleeping quilt



  • Fashion design

    It has a simple and stylish appearance, rich colors and changeable patterns, which greatly attract the baby's attention and enrich the baby's vision.

  • Detail

    The sleeping quilt seamless sewing technology makes the quilting firmer so the curling will not lift, prevent rubbing or scratching baby's delicate skin. High-thread fabrics eliminate the trouble of leakage of the filling.

  • Function

    The shell of the toddler comforter is made of high quality microfiber fabric, while the filler is made of microfiber polyester, breathable, lightweight and ultra soft, help keep your little one cooler in summer, warmer in winter & comfier all year 'round!

  • Good choice for children's bedrooms

    Our cooling comforter for sleeping is perfectly balanced between breathable and soft, provides just the right amount of sleeping temperature for your children. Let your little one enjoy a comfy sleep.