Is The Crib Demanded With A Bed

- May 23, 2019-

1. Avoid baby card hands and feet

Cribs have guardrails to prevent the baby from getting out of bed, which is one of the important reasons why we choose a crib. However, we know that the guardrails are all one-of-a-kind. For the sake of ventilation, there is a gap in the center. Although the gap has certain safety standards, it has been said that the gap should be between 4.5-6.5CM, try to avoid the card to the baby, but there may still be a card. Especially after the baby will turn to death, he will move on the small bed, and sometimes he may put his fingers or toes into the guardrail. At this time, if there is a bed, the parents can be more assured.

2. Avoid rolling the wooden crib burr to the baby

When the crib is just bought, it may be very lubricious, but it is not guaranteed to use it for a while, is there a glitch? Just like the other solid wood furniture we use every day, there may be burrs or cracks in a long time, and it will show various conditions. At this time, the bed can prevent the baby from being injured by such burrs and other questions.

There are also people who choose a crib to prevent the baby from touching. Although wooden cribs are not as hard as wrought-iron cribs, they sometimes hurt when they are touched. So some people will use a thicker bed to encircle the crib, so don't worry too much about the baby. However, summer does not advocate the use of too thick, not breathable will be very hot, simple scorpion.