How To Choose A Crib

- Jun 11, 2019-

Guideline 1: Competing for maximum practicality in a limited space

1. The bed that will grow up

It is impossible for a bed to be changed as a big piece of furniture for two or three years, and the treasure is constantly growing. If you want to choose a child's bed that will satisfy your child's needs during each period, it is wise to pick the kind of bed and tailboard that can be folded and can adjust the elongated bed.

2. The bed of three-dimensional use of space

If your child's room is not big, in order to give more space to the treasures, the bunk bed that makes full use of space is also an excellent choice. The base layer is used for sleeping treasures, the upper floor can be turned into an entertainment place for treasures, and various toys can be stacked to facilitate the care of treasures by day or babysitters. But for the young and unsophisticated little guy, the bunk bed seems to be dangerous. Mommy can pick the device guardrail. When it is needed, it is divided into a treasure device, and it is blocked next to it.

Guideline 2: Security is the last word

Because the treasure is in a period of vivid and active, and the singularity is strong, the simple accident, the safety is of course the question of asking mom and dad to think.

Guideline 3: Appearance of special treasures

Hunting and fun is a child's talent. Those who take care of children's psychology, plan to have vivid appearances, colorful colors and even some children's toys, have won the treasures. Some are like an enlarged colorful building block. The slides have invented the six masters that climbed up and down and played freely for the little masters. Some even have the appearance of a boy's favorite car. The little guy sleeps on such a bed and is sure to be happy. Do you laugh in your dreams?