Crib Sponge

- May 01, 2019-

The more common crib wrap is nothing more than sponge and acrylic cotton, both of which have excellent defects.

Sponge: The characteristic is thick, it can be made to stand, quite, and the effect is beautiful; but because of the thickness, it is determined that it is not air permeable, and it is inconvenient to clean. Again, the sponge is easy to heat.

Acrylic cotton: It is characterized by thinness, lightness and good ventilation. As long as it is not pulled too hard, it will not be deformed by direct cleaning; but because it is thin, it can be made from a standstill, not like a sponge (but there are ropes at the four corners). It can be tied to the fixed), but in terms of raw materials, acrylic cotton is definitely better than the sponge for the comfort of the human body. This is undoubted (for example, our summer is cold with acrylic cotton, but no sponge).

The key to purchase: a clear need! Most people buy a bed, the first intention is to fear that the baby touches the head or hands and feet, so you must think about whether it is necessary to have too thick bed circumference. If you want the bed to look stiff and beautiful, choose a sponge. But at the same time, we must endure that it may block the wind in summer, and the baby will be hot. If you don't mind that the acrylic cotton is slightly softer and slightly thinner, you can use acrylic cotton (the acrylic cotton can be one or two layers).