Crib Industry Definition

- Mar 19, 2019-

Children's beds can be divided into: solid wood children's beds (painted and lacquer-free), bamboo children's beds, rattan children's beds, mixed materials for children's beds

There are two kinds of Chinese fir as raw materials in the front of the solid wood children's bed. New Zealand pine and Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica. New Zealand fir wood is soft and easy to plan, while Pinus sylvestris is hard and the brightness is worse.

The new style is a bamboo children's bed. Its strength is: bamboo is softer and denser than wood, and has higher compressive and flexural strength; the grain is clear, the cabinet is beautiful, the color is artificial, the bamboo is pleasant, the texture is vulgar; the bamboo is not Dust, no condensation, easy to clean, prevent the proliferation of cockroaches, avoid the disturbance of insects; can actively adjust the condition humidity and moisture resistance, low conductivity, with the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer; bamboo is attracting The performance of the purple inner line makes people feel comfortable when they are living indoors. It can prevent the onset and stagnation of eye diseases such as farsightedness. Sound absorption, sound separation, high pressure, residual pressure, ineffectiveness, and calmness. The shortcoming is that the bamboo is more cool, because the bamboo bed frame made of bamboo is best to use the wood or slate, and the rest of the bamboo is better.

Rattan children's beds are rarely consumed internationally, and such profits are high, especially artificial vines.