Crib Accessories Functional

- Aug 02, 2019-

Small bed accessories

The crib needs to use environmentally-friendly galvanized hardware. The key parts should be made of non-slip hardware. The hardware needs to pass the salt spray test and heavy metal inspection. The results are in line with the European EN716-1 specification (the domestic crib safety specification is basically the same as the European standard). ), the hardware is not qualified to the structure of the bed is not strong, related to the life of the bed. Let's look at the accessories to see if the accessories are delicate, and whether they are thick and strong. Also, check each screw to see if it is tight enough to see if there is any gap.


There are shopping malls in need. There are many kinds of cribs now, you can shake them, you can play games, you can bring mosquito nets, and even become small desks. The choice of the products depends on the needs of the family. . When buying, pay attention to the length of the cot, the age range is different; whether it can adjust the height, because the use of different heights in different periods will maintain the safety of the baby in the bed; Can be spliced with the big bed, some babies do not like to sleep on their own cot, and the splicing of the big bed is closer to the numbness, the baby will sleep in a small bed, Ma Ma also convenient to take care of the baby, It is a good way.