Can A Baby Cot Really Let The Baby Learn To Sleep Alone

- Mar 05, 2019-

It is not said that the children's bed can let the baby learn to sleep together, but the parents should establish a good sleep habit for the baby since childhood, which includes the baby golden chicken to sleep independently. Letting the baby sleep together is not only beneficial to his body development, but also beneficial to the development of mind, and the independent and self-disciplined nature of the golden chicken.

There is a hint here, the mother and the baby will have a certain damage with the sleep, similar to the deep breath at the same time, a total of oxygen, the adult's lung capacity is much larger than the baby, a small amount of oxygen is taken away by the child; the same, the child exhaled carbon dioxide When the waste water is recycled by the baby, the baby can stay in the small condition of oxygen supply and carbon dioxide retention at night, so that the brain mechanism is reacted and reacted to the development, which is extremely beneficial to development. Simultaneously, the baby is pressed by the adult or is Being able to be shackled can once be suffocated by the horn or the suffocation.

In addition, no one is an adult or a baby, and it will stand upside down several times at night, and the same bed will inevitably react with each other, and there is no high quality in forming your own sleep.