Baby Carriage Variety

- Mar 31, 2019-

1. Foldable portable children's bed:

It adopts the machine structure to fold it, and after folding, the loose children's necessities are used to tour the bag, which can accommodate many children's necessities or other items, and it is suitable for lunch.

2. Multi-performance children's bed:

The inner part includes an amphibious children's bed disassembled with a detachable shelf; a children's bed that can be changed into a table, a chair, a shaker; a child bed that can be adjusted to the height of the breast, and a child bed that can be converted into an adult bed.

3. With the master of intelligent children's bed:

With microcomputer master and electromagnetic drive installation. There are 8 major performances such as active swaying, music hypnosis, urinary alarm, pricing reminder, voice-activated launch, simulated palpitations, body shaping, and early education development.

4. Pedal type children's bed:

The pedal pedal is driven to be installed, and the pedal pedal is swayed by a strong rope with a drawstring. It is not necessary to fold the pedal, so that it can be hung, and the structure is easy to use.