The crib is just the child’s need

- Apr 28, 2019-

The child's bed is just needed, and it is much cheaper than the physical store. It is almost the price of a physical store naked bed. It is quite simple to assemble a set of online cradle. It is very strong. The five-piece set is very beautiful. Very satisfied, there are friends and relatives who need to introduce to buy here.

There is no color difference between the object and the picture, which is very satisfactory. I personally feel that the mat is still very necessary to buy. After all, the children are sleeping most of the time. After the 5 sets have been bought, the whole St. Karman crib is particularly integrated and harmonious, and the whole is particularly beautiful. I only bought a sleeping bag, but later I found that when a child cries, it is especially easy to lick the quilt. It is recommended to buy it if it is not bad.

Really good, just started to install the wrong screw and asked the customer to give a very patient answer and help, now the car is not only Xiaobao sleep, Dabao is lying all day, there is also lying inside, the quality is really good, no taste, just started A little bit, the car is gone.