The biggest advantage of the crib shaker

- Jun 30, 2019-

The electric shaker can use the baby's brain to regulate the nerves smoothly and fall asleep. The experiment found that the time to use the electric cradle to sleep is 2-4 minutes earlier than the traditional manual cradle. Experts have proved that the traditional manual cradle swing is unstable in size and the speed of the pendulum is unstable. Dizziness and spitting during the shaking process. The automatic cradle can adjust the stable swing according to the baby's needs, and the maintenance of the baby's cranial nerves plays a good role. Therefore, the child falls asleep quickly and securely.

To change the status quo of domestic short and small qualified baby electric shakers, the demand for baby shake products has also been improved accordingly. To meet the exact needs, the first broad consumers should try to use the shaker on the market today to shake the baby, the existing shell. The snow baby shaker is used as a bed for the baby to sleep, and cannot be used as a tool for shaking the baby. To transform the imported electric cradle, firstly meet the domestic demand, increase the power converter, so that it can be directly driven by AC, change the battery configuration, use the most common 5th battery in the country, increase the awning and mosquito net as annex. The most important thing is to sell at a price that consumers can afford.