Place the crib should pay attention to those aspects

- Jun 03, 2019-

1. The crib should have a consolidated railing. The spacing of the guardrail should not be greater than 5cm. At the same time, you need to purchase a bed to maintain the baby's safety, so that you can maintain the baby's head and avoid the small ankle sticking out of the guardrail.

2. The spacing between the mattress and the bedside does not exceed the two fingers. The mattress should be covered with a cotton mattress to maintain the baby's delicate skin.

3. The height of the corner column of the bed should not be too high.

4. Baby's cot should not be placed under the beam, so that the beam on the top of the head will give the baby a sense of crush and weaken his sense of security.

5. The orientation of the crib should be better in the east and southeast directions.

6. It is best to choose a baby crib in a sunny, light-filled room facing the south, but prevent it from being placed in the center of direct sunlight to prevent the intense sunlight from irritating the baby's eyes.

7. There should be enough room around the crib to prevent the adult from doing housework and affecting the baby or the hidden danger.

8. Baby's crib should be away from the lamp holder and any items with hanging coils, such as curtains, fabrics, away from electric fans, electric heaters and other household appliances.