Paint crib harm to children

- Aug 01, 2019-

There are many formaldehyde and benzene and other organic solvents in the paint. These are very unfavorable for infants and young children. Harmful substances in oil paint can cause serious damage to the nervous system, hematopoietic system and liver organs of the human body, and also affect the reborn children. Growth and development, oily paint poisoning in the early stage is mainly caused by the continuous reduction of white blood cells, mid-term episodes of skin purpura, bleeding gums, nasal discharge, etc., the final episode of aplastic anemia, severe will form irreparable damage.

Experts suggest that the cribs used by infants and young children are solid wood and lacquer-free. The wood used in the market solid wood cribs are pine, eucalyptus, oak and birch. Due to the price of wood, pine is generally the most popular, but pine is softer and easier to break. The eucalyptus and oak are stronger and harder.

Some treasure mothers will certainly worry about unpainted cribs, bed collars will not have burrs, etc., after hundreds of times of grinding, ordinary will not present a similar situation, but for these parents who are more taboo, can choose wood wax Oil-finished cribs, natural wood wax oils can be used instead of paint for wood applications in the home. It does not contain toxic components such as triphenyl, formaldehyde and heavy metals, and has no pungent odor.