Let's take a look at the crib material in Europe and America

- Apr 16, 2019-

The key to children's beds is the information. In front of China, the Chinese market is dominated by Chinese fir. Because the Chinese fir is softer than soft, it is suitable for processing. The rare Chinese fir has Russian or Southwest China's Pinus sylvestris. Because of the softness, most of the high-quality goods use New Zealand fir (the knot is very small, because the annual ring is long, because it is hard), the same sound because the fir itself is softer, in order to promote the overall angle of the children's bed, the normal choice of paint However, if the lacquer sheet is not dried by a short time, the formaldehyde released in the lacquer sheet is extremely insensitive to the debilitation of the human body.

Let's take a look at European and American home appliances. Children's beds made of beech wood materials are widely used in Europe and America. The coffin is known as the mother of the woods. The biggest characteristic of the coffin is the odorless and interesting, environmentally friendly and high angle of the wood. The angle is comparable to that of the mahogany. The rails and roads of the African roads are also widely used in the coffins, and even the elm is in Russia. The missile, due to its resistance to pressure and erosion, and its lack of easy deformation, can also be seen that the coffin is in an insignificant position in the African conscience.