It is best for infants and toddlers to have a children's bed

- Apr 03, 2019-

It is best for infants and toddlers to have a children's bed to ensure child insurance. It is advisable to adopt a slate bed for children's beds. Since the spine of the human body has three physiological squats, namely neck curvature, chest curvature and waist curvature, the organs of infants and young children are developing rapidly or growing together, and the department is gradually forming. . Infants and children's nails contain more inorganic spirits, and the content of organic salts such as calcium and phosphorus is absolutely less. Therefore, the inertia is large, hard, and not easy to fracture. The children's bed slate can make the spine in a deformed shape. There is no reaction to the abnormal development of the child's spine.

Many families in the village are replacing the slate bed with a spring-loaded spring bed. It is really good for the baby. Because the bones of the infant's spine are soft, the skin and tendons around it are also very hard, because the total amount of the hips is large, when lying on the back. Can form a chest, waist curvature shrink, recumbent can cause scoliosis, baby is not lying on the back or lying, the spine is in the shape of no deformity; the bed with poor inertia, will make the upside difficult, resulting in a certain body The pressing of a position will constitute a normal situation of the hunchback and the leaking chest, and it will not only reflect the beauty of the dog's body, but more importantly, the abnormal development of the organ of the obstacle, which is extremely harmful to the dog. For the baby's weakness, there is no reason to let the baby sleep on the spring bed, but let the baby have his child's bed.