Isn't my mother not buying a crib

- Jun 13, 2019-

In China, your baby will choose to sleep with their parents after birth, or sleep in a small bed. The biggest benefit of maternal and child bed is to take care of your baby. After the consumption, the mother is inconvenient to move, but also to move to care for the baby will feel more difficult, especially the mother of caesarean section, I will feel that the mother and baby are feeding the bed with the baby, and the care is also convenient. In addition, many mothers feel that the baby will be more comfortable than sleeping next to me, and some mothers think that the mother and baby will feel more warm when they are in bed.

However, maternal and child bed will also have drawbacks: it will affect the quality of sleep of the baby and mother, easy to develop the baby's dependence, may also bring risks to the baby, may also affect the relationship between husband and wife. When the baby sleeps with Mom and Dad, some parents can easily press the baby if they have a bad sleep habit. They may also squeeze the baby into a narrow place or a hard object, such as between the bed and the mattress. The baby forms an injury.

Sleeping in a crib alone: We all know that many foreigners are very independent in their personality, while foreigners usually let their baby sleep in a crib when they are born. Cultivating independent habits from an early age can also prevent the risk of suffocation caused by mom and dad not being overwhelmed by the baby.