How to match the male treasure female color when choosing a crib

- May 31, 2019-

Under normal circumstances, boys can choose cribs in blue, green and yellow colors. Because this is very harmonious with nature, it also matches the color of nature, which just meets their desire to approach nature. . What about girls? Children's beds that can be chosen in the same color as "flowers" are mainly warm colors. Such as: pink, light yellow, etc., and pay attention to the ingenious handling of the details, so that the room has a sense of hierarchy, satisfying their dreams about the fairy tale kingdom.

Because, blue is a permanent meaning. Blue is a very pure color, usually reminiscent of the ocean, the sky, the water, the universe. Pure blue shows a beauty, calmness, sensibility, peace and breadth. Because of the calm nature of blue, the meaning of courage, many time parents choose furniture for their children, especially boys, often choose this color, such a room is conducive to cultivating the boy’s independent heroic character, also Conducive to children to study calmly.

Yellow is the most radiant color of all hues, giving a light, transparent, brilliant, and hopeful color impression. This color will make people feel very warm, like the winter sun shines on the body. The yellow brilliance, the brilliance, and the sun-like light mean the bright light that illuminates the darkness. Yellow has a golden glow, it is a proud color.