How big is the capacity of the crib

- Mar 05, 2019-

When you buy a home appliance, you will find that many home appliances blend in with the imagination of glass, such as tea, book, table, etc. However, how to judge its quality? Xiaobian science, teach you to become the eye of the fire.

A wooden crib with a normal area of more than 20cm*20cm should be New Zealand radiata pine, so there is no need to elaborate on the crib insurance. No, the specification is less than a certain size. Due to the processing technology, the normalization is not tempered. However, only the side length of the glass exceeds 25cm, and on the other hand, it is less than 20cm.

Crib load-bearing power: Normal 10mm thick glass with 4 corners as support points, should bear 65 kg. Falling from the height of 80cm is normal, and it will not be complete. And the subject is subject to a low temperature of 300 °C.

The daily practice of many home appliances is not large, but the time of purchase often neglects the insurance performance of the goods, such as the glass spattering, load-bearing explosion, etc., which are already emerging, because the time of purchase is still demanding careful selection of goods. For example, excessive selection of some large manufacturers with good reputation.