Children's beds are not used but they are not lost

- Mar 18, 2019-

If there are no children in the family, the children will be equipped with children's beds, but the children will grow fast, and the children's beds will not be used but they will not be thrown away. Su Yijuan, a home improvement connoisseur, reminded parents that they could change the children's bed into a suitable household appliance in the family.

The inside of the guardrail on both sides of the children's bed was removed once and the mattress was removed. Adjust the bed frame to the right position for the child to sit down, and then nail a round table with a suitable size on the bed frame. On the other side of the guardrail, hang a small blackboard, some training equipment, eye-catching toys, and change the children's bed. Form a small book for children. Sinbad, like Benano, was able to make a successful change into a book case.

The inside of the guardrail on both sides of the children's bed was once removed, and then the height of the bed frame was slightly lowered. The thick cover that I liked was laid down below, and one or two small pillows were placed, which became a small sofa. Putting a small sofa in the corner of the yard, the study or the bedroom is both novel and applicable.

First cut off the bed legs of the children's bed, so that the bed legs and the bed frame are in the same position. Look for two or three slabs with the size and depth of the children's bed. The nails are in the children's bed and the shelf of the rack is made. Then the children's bed was erected, the bed frame was leaning against the wall, and the children's bed was flowed on the wall with nails and L-shaped brackets, which became a one-time rack. In the yard, you can place the washbasin, and you can store kitchen utensils and scattered necessities in the kitchen. It is in the study, and it is possible to stack books and publications.